• Introduction to HNK

    HNK is made up of the initials of the phonetically spelt Chinese words Hanzi Nengli Kaoshi- the Chinese Characters Proficiency Test.

    HNK is the only Chinese characters proficiency test in Republic of Korea authenticated by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters. HNK is hosted by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters and the Korean and Chinese Shared Character Association, a juridical association and affiliate to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea. It is a tailor-made Chinese character proficiency test for Chinese learners of the 21st century.

    When utilized in the preparatory stages of Chinese learning, the HNK’s purpose is that of allowing learners to learn Chinese vocabulary items commonly encountered in the learning of their native language. This, therefore, allows for more accurate understanding and applications of basic Chinese vocabulary as well as increasing learning efficiency.

    HNK is aimed at developing the Chinese literacy of non-professional Chinese learners in Chinese culture related circles and at providing motivation for and promoting the interest of those planning to begin learning Chinese language.

    The HNK Chinese Characters Proficiency Test consists of 9 levels- Guidance Level and Levels 1-8.

    Download:HNK(Hanzi Nengli Kaoshi, 汉字能力考试)?

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