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    OCT (Oral Chinese Test) is the only online oral test officially certified by Confucius Institute Headquarters. With the use of AI technology, OCT helps evaluate learners Chinese Mandarin ability in academic and workplace environments.

    OCT provides a step by step assessment path to assess learners’ listening and oral ability. All tests are completely taken online and are divided into 4 stages “Beginner”, “Progressive”, “Intermediate” and “Application”, each with 2 levels within (lv1-8). OCT not only corresponds with Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), but also bridges with other international Chinese standards. Level 1 to 6 of OCT correspond to HSKK’s( Hanyu Shuiping Kouyu Kaoshi )Beginner Level, and Level 7 and 8 correspond to HSKK’s Intermediate Level OCT “Application” stage (lv7-8), OCT has more than 10 workplace specific assessments that enable a more focused and effective evaluation of learners’ oral Chinese proficiency in workplace.

    Test includes “Listening” and “Oral Speaking” two types of questions. Tests take 15-45 minutes according to different levels. Learners can check their test results within 7 days after the completion, Certificate and the Competency Report can then be applied.

    OCT provides teenager and adult learners an easy start. Students and teachers can have a clearer, more focused study/teaching plan base on OCT’s Six-dimensional analytical competency report. For workplace learners, OCT helps them to achieve their corporate Chinese Mandarin standard and benchmark.

    Oral Chinese Test(OCT)official certificate is certified by the Confucius Institute Headquarters.

    The analytical competency report provides learners with a Six-dimensional evaluation detailed breakdown of the initial, consonant, compound vowel, tone, and syllables of the learner. The competency report also shows the strengths and weaknesses of the learner plus constructive comments for their further improvements.

    We welcome corporations, organizations and institutions to contact us for further information.

    Email:contact@octtest.org Wechat ID: oralchinesetest

    Whatsapp:(+852) 5511 8797

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